Ceiling Fans That Are Perfect for Home Decor

Over the past decade, ceiling fans have undergone a complete makeover. Unlike the old ceiling fans that were plain and simple, New Age ceiling fans are a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. In fact, fan manufacturers pay special attention to the appearance and design of ceiling fans, as they are the central point of any room (or room), which gives you the opportunity to spice up any decor. Luminous India is one of those brands that offers a wide range of aesthetic fans. And in this article, we list some of the best ceiling fans in India that the company has to offer.

The London Mayfair

This aesthetic fan is one of Luminous India’s best-selling fans. And although you can hardly believe it, it’s the fact that this beautiful fan is not only powerful, but also energy efficient. The fan consumes 40% less energy than normal fans. It is a high-speed fan with a fan speed of 350 rpm and an excellent air supply. The fan gives you absolute safety, because it has a special anti-dust property. If you want to buy the fan, there are 3 different color options to choose from – Wimbledon-white, Bournville-brown and sapphire.

The Jaipur Tamra

The Tamra, as it is popularly called, is a well-thought-out fan that adds a royal touch to your decor. It comes with a “overcome metal finish”, which is a product of the famous Jaipur art Thaterey. Just like the London Mayfair, the Tamra is an energy-efficient fan. This is an energy-efficient 3-star fan and consumes about 40% less energy compared to fans (from different brands) with similar specifications. The available colors are as follows-Kanak gold, Abu black and Makrana white.

The Thames Of London

The London Thames is a beautifully designed ceiling fan that exudes class and sophistication. The fan with its royal aristocratic touch takes you back to history, The time of the British in India. The fan is inspired by the Thames, as evidenced by the unique flow pattern visible on the wing panels and the engine. The fan is available in two colors – Wimbledon white and Russel brown.

The Lumero

Have you ever imagined getting rid of those luminaires that occupy your wall surface? Well, the Lumero can help you with this. The ceiling fan has a built-in LED light fixture that allows you not only to save space on the wall for your favorite wall painting, but also to ensure an even distribution of light. And just in matter you are concerned about your energy bill, we would like to inform you that the LED light integrated into the fan consumes much less energy than traditional tubes and bulbs.