Home Decor That Can Elevate Your Room

Decorating a room is hard work – it takes time, effort and imagination to make sure you create an aesthetically pleasing space. While the Internet is overflow with all kinds of home ideas (from DIY projects to painting tips), some products are often overlooked.

Throw pillows

Throw pillows add a touch of color and increase comfort in a room. Depending on the type you choose, they can be used to highlight the colors of a room or to add a contrasting color to the mix. Accent cushions are available in all colors, shapes and sizes. You can find many that match your decor, whether your style is elegant or rustic.


Carpets complement a space and transform it from visually fascinating to comfortable. Carpets add warmth and personality to a room and also protect the floor and your furniture. A mat can be used to anchor all your furniture, or it can serve as an additional cushion for more comfort. It will give your room a finished look, whatever style you prefer.

Rainbow Raindrop Garlands

Rainbow garlands are inexpensive and can be easily strung, giving any room a rainbow color theme. These garlands are the perfect way to add an unmistakable color to your child’s bedroom or playroom.

If one rainbow is good, two must be better-try attaching a rainbow garland to your ceiling to create an even more rainbow-rich room. Remember that raindrop garlands can pose a choking harmful for children under the age of three.

Spring crown

Feathers are an incredibly versatile material and can be used to decorate almost any part of your home with ease. For example, you can use them as a wall hanging in the hallway, or you can use them to make a dream catcher for your living room. Bringing a touch of nature to your home is always a good idea if it is done with taste, and this is exactly what spring crowns allow.

Mirror Decoration

Mirrors have a beautiful way of creating an Illusion of depth in a room and making it look bigger. Instead of hanging a mirror on the wall, you can create a mirror collage for a more unique look.

Disco ball

Although disco balls are not inherently a home decor, they provide excellent lighting when you hang them in the corner of your room. Used sparingly (otherwise it might seem sticky), a disco ball will give any home the much-needed sparkle. Remember that disco balls can be peril if they are not hung safely; always check the hardware store’s advice on how to hang and install them.

Edison Light Bulb

Although Edison light bulbs are not necessarily a home decor, they are a unique way to add personality to your home. Decorated with messages such as ‘Fix the sink’ or ‘Don’t wait up’, these light bulbs transform any room into a welcoming space, perfect for curling up with a good book.