Personalize Bedroom Designs With These Tips

It goes without saying that the bedroom is everyone’s favorite room in the house, a place where we all want to relax and recharge after a long, busy day. A bedroom also serves as a starting point for reading your favorite book on a Sunday evening, watching TV shows, listening to music and spending time for myself. Overall, it is The place where we spend most of our time, which is why it is important to design the bedroom well and find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. But how about adding a personal touch to the bedroom design? Well, we have some great tips to help you customize the interior decoration of your room. Whether you are planning a complete overhaul or minor upgrades, here are some design options for bedrooms that you can consider:

Wooden Accents

If you prefer simple but attractive bedroom designs, adding wooden accents is the way to go. While wooden furniture like the bed, side tables and TV console are a must, you can also opt for wooden floors and ceilings to further enhance the appearance. The color scheme for this Bedroom Interior Design is neutral, mainly white and cream. However, you can apply patterned wallpaper on the widest wall of the room and combine it with a colorful carpet.

French Windows

Do you like open and spacious rooms? If your answer is yes, you should consider installing large French windows. French windows are not only double-sided (to be opened on both sides), but they are also durable and improve ventilation. Best of all, windows are available in many models, so there is no problem finding one that matches your aesthetic. Although you can customize the color scheme, this bedroom design best matches dark shades such as shades of gray and red.

Theme inspired by the sea

A sapphire bedroom interior design inspired by the ocean is the perfect choice for those who love the seas and oceans. The color scheme for this bedroom design is largely neutral, and the furniture is as minimalistic as possible. However, sapphire-colored pillows, blankets and curtains complement the sea-inspired theme, combined with small indoor plants, a carpet and whimsical furniture such as miniature lamps.

Minimalist Touch

While some of us like bright and bold colors, others prefer minimalist tones like white, cream and beige. If you belong to the latter category, the minimalist bedroom design is an Option that you can consider. Although you can choose any color for furniture, bedding, blankets, and other accessories, it is better to choose navy sapphire shades with white textured surfaces. You can also add wooden floors, a gray carpet, hanging lamps and a teak work table if you prefer.

A touch of Fuchsia

Without a doubt, the color and theme of your bedroom design say a lot about your interests and personality. So, if you are someone bright, dynamic and lively, the right way to personalize your room is purely with a Fuchsia color scheme. Best of all, this option is also suitable for HDB bedroom designs and can be easily adjusted to the size of the room. It is equipped with bright fuchsia curtains, classic Moroccan wallpaper and a soft ear bed.

Your way forward with professional interior designers

Although most of us would like to decorate and redesign our rooms, it is best to hire professional interior designers like Livspace. Livspace offers a wide catalog of bedroom models, including several HDB Premium bedroom models. They also offer end-to-end services for bedroom design installations while you sit back and relax.