Vintage Home Decor Trends Comeback

We all appreciate Nostalgia, and when it comes to interior design, there are several trends that we would like to welcome with open arms. Fortunately, some of the best retro home decorations of yesteryear have been reworked in a contemporary way and look much better than ever. From rattan decoration to Gingham and wall sconces, these Vintage decor trends are back in full force! Click or scroll down to find out how to get the look you want…

Wooden panels

Did you know that there are many types of wood paneling and that they are now widely known in home improvement projects?? In total, there are five types: Beadboard, Shiplap, drop Siding, V-groove and Board-&-Batten, all of which were widely used in the 60s and 70s. In addition, there are several methods to integrate wood paneling into the 2021 Vintage decoration trends, from the acceptance of the rustic style to the introduction of wood paneling, through the mixing of wood species.

Indoor plant

Indoor plants, especially spiders and ferns, were fashionable accents in the 1970s. Indoor plants in all their oxygen-rich beauty are very popular in design nowadays, both as a method of accentuation and for purifying the air. Liven up a room with a living wall or place the spider plant and other indoor plants for the house in a decorative plant stand in a cozy corner.


This cute aesthetic was popular in the 1970s. Macrame is a type of textile manufacturing that uses hand-tied knots instead of knitting with needles or disfiguring on a loom. Many of the original designs from the 1970s, such as plant stands and wall coverings, have been created, but with a more minimalist touch of retro home decor that makes the designs less “eye-catching” and less conventional. Macrame may be the epic DIY of the day, but it has centuries of history!

Geometric Patterns

Even the ancient Greeks and Moroccans used dramatic geometric patterns in their architectural and interior designs, while the 1900s experimented with angular structures and patterns in many forms as this design trend flourished. Such models are also associated with the Art Deco era-a style created in the 1920s and allegedly created in Paris after the First World War.

The swirling and floral themes of Art Nouveau in this matter were transformed into thinner, sharper, curvilinear or geometric lines. The Design is all the rage right now, with a strong traditional aesthetic combined with a precision that is both fun and elegant.

Sun-cut Pattern

The Sunburst emblem has been used for centuries as a halo around people in medieval religious art. The Sunburst mirror received an atomic space age update in the 1950s and 1960s. They were known as Starburst mirrors because they had small circular reflectors along the narrow rays. While they were historically golden in color. They are now available in a range of finishes from silver to raw wood.

Backsplash Mirror

The Mirror Backsplash was known in the Disco era in the mid-1970s and early 1980s. It was about bringing a little Flair and even opening up the region a little. Today, this retro home decor appears in classically decorated kitchens, combining minimalism with a touch of brilliance.

Graphic Art

Graphic design has often appeared in the form of framed posters since the 1970s. While graphic art as a whole is not yet fully operational, eye-catching and unique works of art are used as a bold focal point in a room with a light retro interior.

Wicker furniture

The first form of wicker furniture, a wicker cradle. Arrived on a trip in 1620, it became a standard piece of interior decoration from the Victorian era to the 1930s. In the 1960s and 1970s, he had a brief resurrection, but now he has returned with all his might. The difference is that it is used selectively at home to avoid a Matchy-Matchy, outdated look.


This is the fact that the wallpaper can be garish and awaken memories of old floral patterns in your grandmother’s house from the 1970s. Today, however, it has experienced a significant resurgence, both new and contemporary. Geometric patterns, metals, flowers and other patterns add depth to your home, especially when attached to an accent wall. Check out these beautiful and budget-friendly ideas for accent walls.